Monday, June 16, 2014

Is Gilligan Running The Ship: Obama reverses says he's sending troops to Iraq

So Obama is now sending 275 troops to Iraq.  Didn't he just say that there would be no troops sent in the other day?    

This is what happens
when you place an unqualified person in the White House.  The job in Iraq was not done! We pulled our troops out too early due to the ineptness and arrogance of the Omnipotent one, Obama.  We destroyed Iraq, it was our job to 1) Help rebuild and strengthen that country, like we did Japan,  and 2)take the oil  for payment as to the victors go the spoils.  

Close to 4500 troops died and 2.2 trillion was spent for what?!?!?!? We got rid of a murderous dictator, Saddam Hussein , that had chemical weapons (which went to Syria, minus some yellow cake we found that went to Canada) and replaced the region with murderous terrorists that are killing innocents in Iraq and trying to topple Assad's regime in Syria. 

 Can you imagine, if they get whatever chemical weapons are left?  By the way, these are the same terrorists that Arizona Senator John McCain wanted to arm in Syria.    Who is the destabilizer in all of this?  Iran, whom Obama thinks is ok to have a nuclear program.

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