Sunday, June 15, 2014

Immigration: Has America Fallen Off The Cliff?

Today we welcome a guest post from +Peter Konetchy candidate for Congress in Michigan's 4th Congressional District.

Peter Konetchy
This video should scare the life out of you. It's all true. (Listen to the commentary starting around 1:47 into the video.)

The focus of the government of the United States is no longer to secure our Liberty but to force upon the people crisis upon crisis, then use the mainstream media to manipulate the perception of the people into believing that additional federal power is the only solution. Amnesty is not the solution to the “immigration crisis”; the Balanced Budget Amendment is not the solution to the “spending and debt crisis”; Obamacare, or its replacement, is not the solution to the “healthcare crisis”; warrantless searches and indefinite detention of American citizens– directly negating our Constitutionally protected rights — is not the solution to the “terrorism crisis.” Far too many people are willing to give up their liberty for perceived security.

The only true crisis we have in the United States is complete anarchy in Washington. The force of government is being used against the people. The laws we have had on our books for generations protecting our sovereignty are not just being ignored, but the states are prohibited from enforcing them.

The president must be impeached for more reasons than can be numbered. Most in Congress are just as responsible and refuse to hold the president accountable. At the very least they should be voted out of office, but in reality tried for treason. They are betraying their oath to support the Constitution, and are directly aiding and abetting the enemy against the interest of the people with whose Liberty they are charged with securing.


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