Saturday, June 21, 2014

Did Two Republican's Chicken Out From A Debate Part 2

The Great Debate That Wasn't...

Yesterday I reported, that in West Bloomfield Michigan, a debate was schedule and planned well in advance by the Greater West Bloomfield Republican Club for two seats in the Michigan Legislature, one for State House and the other for State Senate.  Neither Republican incumbent showed up for the debate to face their challengers, Matt Maddock , and Ron Molnar for State Senate and Deb O'Hagan  and Alan Stephens for State Representative. Many felt that Molnar and Stephens appeared ill-prepared for the important topics begin discussed. They either agreed entirely with Matt or Deb’s position, or were so far off from it that no rebuttal was even necessary, or they had little or nothing to say about a topic. In fairness, they were late invitees to the debate. According to the Lakes Area Tea Party Site and Greater West Bloomfield Republicans (GWBR) Kowall and Kesto were last minute cancellations.

Turns out that Mike Kowall decided to be in Lansing to accept an award.  This per his campaign associate Melissa Fazio Bogdalek, : "I'm sorry you didn't know - Senator Kowall received Legislator of the Year award yesterday, from the Small Business Association of Michigan from the Governor.

At the same time of the debate Klint Kesto decided that he'd rather go door knocking and face constituents unfamiliar with his voting record rather than speak to those who helped get him elected the first go around.  The Lakes Area Tea
Party obtained a snapshot of Kesto's facebook post congratulating himself for hitting his 5000th house at 8:10 pm.  At 8:10pm the debate at the GWBR was only 1/2 way finished.  

According to the Lakes Area Tea Party and GWRB, to make matters worse, Jim Theinel, Chairman of the Oakland County Republican Party, posted on Facebook at 5pm that the event was cancelled. This came off as a surprise to the event organizers, Janine Kateff of the GWBR. Fortunately, the misleading Facebook post didn’t deter attendees and the event was still an overwhelming success.  Why would a cancellation have been posted with out contacting the leadership of the GWBR?
Packed House For A Cancelled Event

Those in attendance learned a lot from the candidates that did follow through on their obligation and commitments.  One can only guess how the two no-shows could have responded to the burning questions that Michigan conservative voters have for them.  

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