Friday, June 20, 2014

Did Two Republican Incumbents Chicken Out From A Debate?

No seat is earned.  When you are elected your are an employee of the people, not the other way around.   

Last night, in West Bloomfield Michigan, what was dubbed the great debate between a Republican State Representative Race and Republican State Senate race, two incumbent candidates didn't bother to show up.   

Neither current State Representative Klint Kesto or current State Senator Mike Kowall bothered to show up to a debate that was planned well in advance and was advertised well with a packed house.   All of those in attendance wanted to here from their current representatives.  What was their excuse for not showing up? 
 Both the State House and Senate are currently on Summer Break, so they weren't working late in Lansing.

Standing Room Only For What Constituents Thought Would Be
A Spirited Debate on Ideals

 Deb O'Hagan, candidate for State Representative in Michigan's 39th district, said about Klint Kesto "Our present state representative supported the biggest increase in entitlements in Michigan’s history when he voted in favor of Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion”.

The Lake's Area Tea Pary website said this about Michigan Senator Mike Kowall: "Mike Kowall has a 29% conservative voting record on the Michigan Tea Party Scorecard. There are 12 Democrat state senators that have higher ratings!"

Could it be they couldn't face the music on their voting records?  Both Kesto and Kowall have voted against the wishes of the majority of their constituents.

Deb O'Hagan and Matt Maddock Debate Empty Seats

Many in attendance also wanted to question Senator Mike Kowall and Klint Kesto on their pro-stance on Common Core Education.

Senator Mike Kowal was quoted as saying that he was impressed by it. 

State Representative Klint Kesto also praised Common Core on his Facebook Page: "
We are moving forward on implementing benchmarks to ensure our students excel in their education, while preserving the authority to use flexibility in standards. The Common Core State Standards were developed by governors, educators and experts in the field to help students meet higher benchmarks that will propel them forward in their education. By implementing these benchmarks, we are simply aligning ourselves with other states that have already done so. The resolution does not endorse the Smarter Balanced Assessment and even states that Michigan is not tied to any particular assessment. For these reasons, I voted "YES" today regarding Common Core."

If Common Core is such a great standard, why are states such as Indiana, Ohio, Florida, Oklahoma, Louisiana and others dropping out of Common Core?  Others states were the first guinea pigs and it was discovered the program does not work.  Why are State Representative Klint Kesto and Senator Mike Kowall wanting to lead Michigan down the same dead in path?

Deb O'Hagan and Matt Maddock are both strongly against common core and bigger government. Is it for these reasons Klint Kesto and Mike Kowall chickened out from a well organized and attended debate? 

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From Melissa Fazio Bogdalek, Mike Kowall's Campaign Associate: "I'm sorry you didn't know - Senator Kowall received Legislator of the Year award yesterday, from the Small Business Association of Michigan from the Governor."

The question is what is more important, obtaining an award at a ceremony or meeting with your constituents at a scheduled debate. 

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  1. It pains me to be reminded of this, but when Michigan received it's 'share" of the "stimulus" payments to the states in 2009, Jenny Granholm had to return about $2.6 billion that we owed the Feds for Medicaid spending that we didn't have. Yet 4 years later, both of those men voted in favor of expanding our vulnerability to Medicaid- AGAIN.