Saturday, May 31, 2014

You Are Never To Young To Be Taxed By Liberals: Democrats Want To Tax And License Lemonade Stands

You can’t make this stuff up. Democrats trying to kill entrepreneurial spirit anyway they can.

From the Illinois Review:
It could soon cost $200 for kids to set up a lemonade stand, have a bake sale or sell cupcakes in Illinois.

“This is absolutely insane!” State Senator Jim Oberweis (R-Aurora) said at a Capitol press conference Friday. “Somebody in Madison County went crazy and decided to enforce a law against an 11 year old kid who was baking cupcakes. That was a mistake, but it happened.”

In the House, the little girl Oberweis referred to – Chloe Stirling of Troy’s State Representative Charlie Meier tried to do the right thing by introducing a law that would help those in her situation and exempt up to $1000 in sales.

“Then what happened? It came to the Senate… We ‘Illinois-ized’ the bill – doing things the way we do in Illinois, which is everything we can to discourage entrepeneurism to discourage business interests,” Oberweis told reporters.

Meier’s bill, which would have exempted food product entrepeneurs making less than $1000 from burdensome health department regulations, passed the Illinois House and was picked up by Democrat Senator Donne Trotter (D-Chicago).

Trotter amended the bill to require anyone selling food products to take an 8 hour food service sanitation course costing $145, obtain a county health department permit costing $25, label the food products to indicate ingredients and the fact that they are homemade, plus another $35 fee.

For liberal Democrats, you are never to young to get screwed by the government. 

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