Saturday, May 17, 2014

Think The T.E.A. Party Is Racist? Have You Been To One??

The next time you run into someone saying "the T.E.A. Party is racist", ask them this simple question; "How many T.E.A. Party meetings, events, rallies or presentations have you ever attended?" Ask them to please be absolutely, 100%, brutally honest. My personal experience has been that not a single one of the people running around making this claim have so much as set foot into a single T.E.A. Party event or venue.

That being the case, Mr./Mrs. T.E.A. Party Hater, what you are essentially saying is that you are fine allowing others to do your thinking for you." If you've never been to a T.E.A. Party meeting, never endeavored to spend time in the company of those who self-identify as T.E.A. Partiers, yet you claim to know how they act, feel & believe - then where do you get that belief, accusation and information from? Answer. Someone other than yourself. You just admitted you haven't & don't got to T.E.A. Parties. So you have no personal, first-hand experience. That means you are allowing others to spoon feed you information which you then regurgitate as truth. In essence, you are willingly admitting that you neither do your own thinking nor form your own opinions. You allow others to do that for you.

And you're admitting this in public? You're admitting this on the internet? What, you're actually PROUD of this fact?

Here's an idea. Rather that prostituting yourself out by running around repeating the information you've been fed - educate yourself and speak from personal experience.

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