Monday, May 12, 2014

Should they have taken the money?

80's Iconic Rock Band Takes $10,000 & Walks Away From Tornado Benefit Without Playing Leaving All Stunned.

A benefit gone wrong was held Saturday for Washington, Illinois tornado victims that took place at Freakster’s Roadhouse in Pontiac, Illinois.

The 1980’s band Warrant was hired to play for the benefit, but apparently that never happened.

The band showed up at Freakster’s Roadhouse, set up their gear on stage, took their $10,000 guarantee, and never played. The band claims there was an issue with the contract they signed.

However, people still paid $25 to see a show that never occurred.

The band eventually packed up and left.

On Freakster's Roadhouse's Facebook page, they state:

"Alright . . . take a blow and you get back up, right ?!?! That's what we do. We really do not want to focus on anything negative, but we will say that what happened on Saturday night was unfortunate for all parties involved . . . We have to move on and recoup what we can. We are truly sorry to all our rockers that came out for the show. We will also put it out there for everyone, come on in and bring us your ticket stub and wristband, we will give you your $25 refund if you didn't get it."

The benefit was for the tornado that hit Washington last fall.

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