Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Democrat U.S. Senate Candidate Steals Credit For Work Of Republican State Senator

In typical Gary Peter's fashion he portrays himself to be something he is not.  This time he attempts to take credit for work of another elected official.

The Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful is using  the hard work of a State Senator, Phil Pavlov (R) of St. Clair Township.  The story in the Traverse City, Michigan newspaper "The Record" states that five Michigan lawmakers are sponsoring measures designed to pressure Canada not to let a power company bury radioactive waste less than a mile from Lake Huron.

 State Sen. Phil Pavlov, of St. Clair Township, says the package will be introduced Tuesday. It asks U.S. officials to seek intervention from the International Joint Commission, which advises both nations on issues affecting the Great Lakes and other shared waterways.

 He and four other Republicans from districts near Lake Huron also are offering bills to toughen Michigan's prohibition of permanent nuclear waste disposal in the state by including "Class C" waste — the most potent form of low-level radioactive material — in the ban. Low-level waste consists of contaminated clothing, floor sweepings, mops and other items, as opposed to highly radioactive spent fuel rods

 Another measure asks the Great Lakes Commission to get involved. The commission represents the states and Canadian provinces within the Great Lakes watershed.

 Ontario Power Generation wants to store low-level nuclear waste in rock chamber deep underground. The company says it would be safe, but opponents fear radioactivity could eventually reach Lake Huron.

 A Canadian government panel has announced plans for more hearings.

 Way to go Gary! You never cease to amaze on how low you can go!

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