Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Truth about Reagan's 11th Commandment

You may have heard of Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment, "Though Shall Not Speak Ill of Another Republican".  The truth is Ronald Reagan was not the one that came up with this commandment nor did he always follow it.

Ronald Reagan, 38th  President of the United States
"The Eleventh Commandment" was created by then California Republican Party Chairman Gaylord Parkinson. In his 1990 autobiography An American Life, Reagan attributed the rule to Parkinson, explained its origin, and claimed to have followed it." 

"The personal attacks against me during the primary finally became so heavy that the state Republican chairman, Gaylord Parkinson, postulated what he called the Eleventh Commandment: Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican. It's a rule I followed during that campaign and have ever since." 

"Reagan followed this 'commandment"' during the first five primaries during the 1976 Republican primary against incumbent Gerald Ford, all of which he lost. He abandoned this approach in the North Carolina Primary and beat Ford 52–46, regaining momentum and winning a majority of delegates chosen after that date. Some analysts credit Reagan's attacks as seriously to have weakened Ford in his contest with his general election opponent and eventual successor, Jimmy Carter" 

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