Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Real Meaning Of Earth Day

By Zhanna Konetchy

April 22 is the very Big Day for communists, socialists around the World. Every one of them knows this day as a Birthday of Lenin, their icon, their symbol of a new economic and moral society where everyone works for a “common good”.

When American students at school and colleges celebrate Earth Day they unknowingly but indeed celebrate Lenin’s birthday.

Lenin was born April 22, 1870.

In all socialist countries, USSR, East Germany etc., the ideological war against individual property and property owners was symbolized by “the ground is being cleared for the actual building of socialism, for the development of new social links, a new discipline of work in common and a new national (and later an international) system of economy of world-historic importance.(V.I.Lenin)”
With that symbol people were forced to work for free to clean streets, plant the trees etc. Again, for a common good, to prove that the “common property” is more important and essential then individual property.

Lenin's Subbotnik
Lenin’s entire premises were that individuals were not capable of maintaining their own property and driven by greed, and that all property must be converted from private to public property for the good of all people.
“This is a matter of transforming the very habits of the people, habits which, for a long time to come, have been defiled and debased by the accursed private ownership of the means of production … For hundreds of years, freedom of trade and of exchange has been to millions of people the supreme gospel of economic wisdom, the most deep-rooted habit of hundreds and hundreds of millions of people. This freedom is just as utterly false, serving to mask capitalist deception, coercion and exploitation, as are the other “freedoms” proclaimed and implemented by the bourgeoisie, such as the “freedom to work” (actually the freedom to starve), and so on.

In the main we have broken irrevocably with this “freedom” of the property-owner to be a property-owner, with this “freedom” of capital to exploit labour, and we shall finish the job. We are combating its remnants ruthlessly, with all our might. …
Let us build a new society! ...

We shall work for years and decades practicing subbotniks, developing them, spreading them, improving them and converting them into a habit. We shall achieve the victory of communist labour. (V.I.Lenin From The First Subbotnik On The Moscow-Kazan Railway To The All-Russia May Day Subbotnik )”
Read more: http://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1920/may/02.htm
From The Heritage Foundation
“It was April 22, 1970, that Senator Gaylord Nelson, a Democrat from Wisconsin, declared a national day of support for the Earth. He claimed to have thought up the idea in 1969, after seeing a devastating oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. Inspired by the Vietnam “teach-ins,” he thought to have a nationwide environmental “teach-in” to involve Americans in environmental issues. He sent letters to every state governor and many state institutions in 1969, trying to rally support for his radical idea. And in the end, he won: the first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970. On Vladimir Lenin’s 100th birthday.
While Lenin was alive, he often ordered Earth Day-like “subbotniks,” or days of mandatory ‘service’ in the community. This would typically focus on environmental improvement, including garbage removal and the collection of recyclables. At the height of the Soviet Union, a nationally mandated yearly subbotnik—called “Lenin’s Subbotnik”—was selected to fall around or on Lenin’s birthday. The date otherwise known as April 22."
Read more: http://blog.heritage.org/2010/04/22/earth-day-2010-on-lenin-and-liberty/

From “Telegraph”
“The first ever Earth Day, a celebration to raise awareness of environmental issues, was held on Lenin's birthday April 22 in 1970”
“A giant tribute to the former Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin made from thousands of trees has been spotted on Google Earth.

Message cut out of trees in the forest which could be seeing from the plane: Lenin is 100
The message, which translates as "Lenin is 100", was cut into a forest in a remote region of Siberia. Each letter is around 80 metres high, and the entire message stretches for 600 metres.
It was created by Russian woodcutters in 1970 to mark the centenary of the Communist leader's birth, according to EnglishRussia, the blog which spotted the image.
Despite the passing of 38 years it has kept its coherent shape, and is now clearly visible on Google Maps and Earth, the internet giant's satellite mapping services.”
Read more:http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/2687455/Huge-tribute-to-Lenin-visible-on-Google-Earth.html

From Wikipedia answers.
“Subsequently "communist subbotniks" and "voskresniks" became obligatory political events in the Soviet Union, with annual "Lenin's Subbotnik" being held in the vicinity of Lenin's birthday.
Subbotnik was also promoted in the 1950s in the Eastern Bloc countries and in particular in the German Democratic Republic (GDR), as the USSR sought to build up the GDR as the westernmost outpost of socialism in Europe.
In Czechoslovakia, a similar kind of work was known as Akce Z ("Action Z"), from Czech word zvelebovánĂ­, "improvement", referring to the typical activities from garbage removal to housing construction. Folk wit claimed that "Z" stood for zdarma, i.e., "without pay".”
Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/subbotnik-1#ixzz1K6oI1bem

Our youth are being indoctrinated to accept socialism and reject freedom from every direction. We must take a stand and reject this indoctrination. A good first step is to reject the support of Earth Day celebration, and instead stress and support true American values of freedom and self responsibility.

The goal of the environmentalists is not cleaning the Earth. Otherwise they would go to really dirty places: China, Russia, Africa, Arabia to “try to save the planet”. Their goal is to destroy the private property and private-property owners.

Zhanna Konetchy is a Russian immigrant who came to the U.S. from the Siberian Region of Russion in 1993.  She holds an engineering degree and knows first hand how socialism works and spends time educating American's to the creeping socialism taking place here in this Country.  She is married to Peter Konetchy, currently a candidate for the 4th District Congressional Seat in Michigan

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