Sunday, April 27, 2014

Republican Wants to Raise Michigan's Minimum Wage

A bill, brought by Sen. Rick Jones of Grand Ledge, would increase the hourly minimum to $8.15 from $7.40 in December. The minimum for tipped employees – wait staff and bartenders – would rise a dime to $2.75 per hour.
Rick Jones Minimum Wage Increase
Sen. Rick Jones, Grand Ledge

Now this bill is a dumb idea. 

 If you want to make more, apply yourself. By increasing the minimum wage to those who don't apply themselves degrades those that are making their current wage by hard work. In addition look for greater unemployment as businesses will find that upgrading their automation will be cheaper than keeping on people. An example would be all the parking attendants in Birmingham that have been replaced by computers and ATMs. You will find the same happening at fast food places like McDonalds, which is already experimenting in some markets with a point of sale system that customers use. Also by increasing the minimum wage you will be adding costs of goods and services on to the consumer. This will negate any increase in the minimum wage increase. 

In addition this bill makes Republican's look cheap.  Seriously increase the wage for waiters and waitresses a dime? So now rather than education the public on the downfalls of a minimum wage, Republican's look the stereotype of being penny pinching old men.  

Again the only true way to improve one's economic self is to apply oneself. Get educated and work hard.

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